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Breeding for temperament, health, and companionship!

Sires & Dams


Cumberland Cavapoos

Sire - Sir Charles Edward of North Cumberland

Sir Charles Edward, whom we affectionately call "Chuck", is our 5 year old, tri-color, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  He is 14 lbs.  The "Alpha" of our boys, he has a more serious disposition and enjoys lounging with his bone.  He does adore lap love and belly rubs, but has clearly established his boundaries.  He enjoys basking in the sun with a good bone! CURRENT SIRE to Paw Patrol Litter


Cumberland Cavapoos

Sire - Morty of North Cumberland

Morty is our 3 year old F1 tri-color, phantom, Cavapoo.  Morty is 11 lbs. He is the son of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Sir Charles and silver phantom toy poodle, Fanci.  Morty tries to maintain his regal side, but he knows how to have fun!  Morty adores playing fetch with sticks and his favorite toys.  Taking after dad, he loves affection and attention but has clearly established his boundaries and enjoys his self-soothing afternoon siestas!    

Sire - Artie of North Cumberland

Artie is our 2 year old, AKC registered apricot toy poodle.  At just 7 lbs, Artie is the bad boy on the block!  He's a lover of all the Dams, and wishes to be the Alpha, however, he's very much sealed into the position of Beta.  He is fun, overly confident, and charming to dogs and humans alike.  He adores attention and people pleasing.  He's very smart and works diligently to outsmart his fur family and human family.   


Future Sire - Lord Uhtred of North Cumberland

Uhtred is our new baby on the block!  Not quite 1 year old, he is our AKC registered, red with white markings, toy poodle.  Still just a baby, he is all zoomies and "hey! look what I can do"!!  Artie eggs him on, however, Morty and Sir Charles are quick to remind him of the pecking order.  Uhtred has a very sweet disposition.  He is similar to Artie (although not related) in respects to people pleasing and outsmarting his fur family.  We are excited to have him in our program and sire future litters.


Cumberland Cavapoos

Cumberland Cavapoos

Dam - Lady Nyx of North Cumberland


Lady Nyx is our 2 year old, AKC registered  blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  She weighs 13 lbs.  She is very affectionate and adores attention, praise and encouragement.  She will nudge you to let you know when she wants to be cuddled.  She is just as regal as Sir Charles Edward.  She enjoys being outside in the sunshine and chasing or jumping at insects that fly by... mostly bumblebees.  She's an explorer at heart and loves her daily recreation and walks!

Dam - Prada of North Cumberland

Prada is our 5 year old chocolate parti toy poodle. She weighs 7 lbs.  She has been a dotting mother to her litter babies and she will have one more litter prior to being spade late winter 2023 early spring 2024.  Prada loves spending time with her hu"mum".  She is a protector by nature and will sit/lay and observe.  She is as no fuss as you can get and prefers to go with the flow.


Cumberland Cavapoos


Dam - Lady Purdy of North Cumberland

Lady Priscilla Vallareese (Purdy) is our 4 year old red toy poodle.  Purdy weighs 8 lbs.  She is the alpha Dam here at North Cumberland.  She never barks.  She does the Purdy stare down and has perfected her boundary stance. She is the belly rub queen and will paw at you if you stop rubbing her belly before she says it's okay to stop.  

Dam - Beatrice of North Cumberland AKA Lady B

Lady Beatrice (Lady B) is our 2 year old F1 Cavapoo. Lady B. weighs 12.5 lbs.  She is a loyal dam and takes her position as number 2.5 under Purdy and next to Tilly.  Not much of a barker, Lady B is very smart and sweet.  She likes to use her puzzle toys and figure things out.  She is a dotting mama and adores lap cuddles.


Cumberland Cavapoos

Dam - Chantilly Novella of North Cumberland

Future Dam - Phoebe Pheebs 

Chantilly Novella, whom we affectionately call Tilly, is our 3 year old standard poodle.  She's on the smaller side of standard, at just 37 lbs, she recently had her very first litter of cuddle cavapoos. Tilly rules the roost, along with Purdy.  She has to be first in line to eat, walk, play, run, etc.  She loves to chase her frisbee and toys and bring them back for rounds 2 and beyond.  Tilly is very smart and we call her our "talker".  She talks to you in dog code and if you listen to her pitch changes, you'll understand what she is saying.  CURRENT LITTER - Paw Patrol Litter

Phoebe is our F1 Cavapoo from the Prada/Chuck National Catch and Release Day Litter.  She will be paired with Lord Uhtred, who also joined our program in 2023.  They will be matched to breed blenheim F1b babies.  Pheebs follows the trend of super smarts.  She is crate trained and litter box trained and received the same early training as all of the babies in our program.  We know she'll make an amazing mom to future super smarties!  

Purdy / Morty
Expected Litter - F1b
They throw - sable phantom, abstract, red, apricot 

Previous litters from this parent pair:
Firecracker Litter (2021)
Beer Appreciation Litter (2022)

Expected litter (early 2024 take-home)


Beer Appreciation Litter fully matured

Firecracker Litter fully matured


Firecracker Babies

Beer Appreciation Babies


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After perusing our "Available Puppies" tab and seeing a baby you might be interested in, please take the time to fill out the interest form.  Next, reach out to me here, so I can get back with you for a chat about moving forward with your Cumberland Cavapoo.  We vet all of our potential families to ensure a good fit for our babies!  Head over to our social media pages to connect with past families, current families, and potential families.  For easy access, social media tabs are linked at the top of this home page.  You can find all of our parent pair OFA certs posted in our private Facebook group.  

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