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Cumberland Cavapoos Family Feedback

We are pleased to have placed our babies and created a Cavapoo community with over 30 families over the past 5 years.  As respected and revered breeders, we pride ourselves on the relationships we maintain with our families.  The quality of our program speaks for itself and our clients detail their experience with Cumberland Cavapoos below.    


Taylor, Olive & Odie's Humum (F1b, Beer Litter)

"We sort of stumbled upon Laura & Cumberland Cavapoos in our search for a second cavapoo to add to our family.  We had previously worked with a higher-volume breeder and had since learned why it was important to find a breeder who only raises a few litters each year and does all adequate health testing for parent dogs.  Cumberland Cavapoos met all of these "must haves" for us and were the first breeder we had come across who truly seemed like they cared about making sure their puppies ended up in the right homes vs. just accepting anyone willing to put down a deposit.  The effort and work that Laura & her family put into raising these dogs is evident - when we brought our puppy Olive home around 8 weeks old, she was already 90% potty trained, sleeping through the night 6-7+ hours in a crate and she had already been exposed to grooming and handling.  She is now just over a year old and she consistently blows us away with how smart and well-adjusted she is.  She is also ADORABLE too :) We also love knowing that Laura & her family make an effort to keep up with the owners of their puppies from previous litters.  I have nothing but great things to say about Cumberland Cavapoos and would gladly recommend them to anyone looking to add a new four-legged family member to their home!"

Paula & Sailor Blue, F1 Greek Litter

"I researched for a long time to find the perfect Cavapoo Breeder and found Laura.  I connected with her and immediately knew her pups were the right ones for me.  I was very concerned about puppy mills and scams.  After watching the Stranger Things Litter grow and learning more about her family and the training she did with the puppies, I asked to be put on a waitlist.  Best decision I've ever made!  My little Sailor is the smartest, funniest, sweetest girl ever and I can't imagine my life without her.  She came to me fully crate trained, 90% potty trained and loving everyone.  At 2 years old, she still loves her crate, is very healthy, and adored by everyone.  Two legs and four!  She's also the best travel companion and has flown 6 times already without any problems.  I will only get my pups from Cumberland Cavapoos.  Great family business!!!"


Amy & Toby, F1b Firecracker Litter

"When we lost our second cavapoo in August of 2021, we knew we wanted another and went searching online.  Being a former employee of a veterinarian, I am VERY picky when it comes to selecting a breeder.  And I usually STILL end up with dogs with health issues.  Laura took the time to answer all of my questions and to set my mind at ease as much as possible.  She provided plenty of updates with photos of Toby's growth along the way.  When I drove to pick him up, I fell in love at first sight!  (If I'm being honest, I was head over heels after seeing the first photo).  Laura provided a generous take home package, including a Snuggle Puppy, which was a lifesaver!  Toby was the best puppy, he learned to use the potty very quickly thanks to the training he received from Laura and family, plus some time and dedication on our parts.  He also slept all night in his crate from day 1. He is absolutely the sweetest love bug you will ever find, and he is super cute on top of that!  Most importantly, I finally ended up with a very healthy dog!  I have owned 6 dogs now, including 3 Cavapoos.  I have absolutely adored each one but I refer to Toby as my soulmate (don't tell my husband)!"

Mimi & Mars, F1b Jubilee Litter

"I found Cumberland Cavapoos through diligent searching and couldn't be happier with my pup!  Laura went above and beyond to answer all of my questions, and believe me, there were many!  Mars is my first ever pup, and every time I spoke with her, my anxiety calmed.  The way Laura and her family take care and give love to their fur babies are the stuff people dream of when searching for their own!  Picture and video updates, pup personality traits, and all of the little details you don't even think about - Cumberland Cavapoos absolutely has it covered!  Mars (formerly Harry of the Jubilee litter) came to me crate and potty trained (indoor and outdoor) and had very few incidents - speaking to the work and training Cumberland Cavapoos put into his upbringing.  All of the documentation and certifications I've received were provided and explained to me in detail, making me feel safe at every turn.  What I truly love the most is the community Cumberland Cavapoos has created both on Facebook and Instagram.  We're all able to share pics of our pups (aka gush about our babies), ask one another advice, and keep one another updated.  Some of us even have playdates.  It's heartwarming to see how Mars' siblings are doing and learn about how funny they are (just like him!).  Laura is always keeping up with Mars and she is always willing to answer any questions or share any information that may be helpful to a first time pup mom like me.  I've already recommended Cumberland Cavapoos to multiple friends and family, and I honestly could not have made a better choice in selecting a breeder.  I adore Mars!" 

Mars and Mimi.jpeg

Susan & Christopher, F1 World Ocean Day Litter

"When I found Laura's site on Facebook, I was impressed with her professionalism and attention to her cavapoos.  Once I signed to receive a new puppy, this impression continued.  Laura kept us apprised of our puppy's progress and communicated effectively during the contracting and pick up day.  Christopher is the most loving, active, smart, and engaging puppy we have ever had!  From when he came home with us, he was going potty in the litter box and extremely alert to what was going on.  I attribute his alertness to the ENS exercises.  Laura gave good advice about feeding, teething, general care, potty training, and crate training.  Christopher adapted quickly to his new environment, although it took a few months for him and our older dog to adapt to each other.  He was going out of the doggie door to potty outside within a couple of months.  Christopher has taken 3 training classes and is consistently the best behaved puppy in the classes -- he shows good focus and has learned positive behaviors using various methods.  I can't say enough about how Laura and her family contributed to make Christopher such a loved addition to our family!"


Theresa & Chloe, F1 Stranger Things Litter

"After losing my pug of 12 years, I went back and forth on whether I wanted to get another pup.  I knew if I did, that I wanted a Cavapoo.  After extensive searches, I somehow stumbled upon the Cumberland Cavapoo page on FB and I immediately knew I wanted one of their pups!  I could tell by their litter updates and how forthcoming they were with all of the info on the parents, that this was it!  I immediately reached out and after speaking with Laura, I knew I was making the right choice. I received constant updates on my girl, Chloe (formerly Sinclair from the Stranger Things Litter).  At 8 weeks old, we picked her up and we knew immediately that she was perfect!  She was immediately sleeping through the night and potty trained/litter box trained.  We live in an apartment and have kept up the litter box, but of course we've upgraded to a fancy one now. Any questions I had, Laura immediately responded, and with so much care!  Chloe is the smartest dog and she has the best temperament and personality!  We have considered adopting another dog through them to have as a playmate and if we do we will only turn to Cumberland Cavapoos!"  


Susan & Bogue, F1b Jubilee Litter

"We have been so blessed to have found Cumberland Cavapoos.  Our Bogue is one of the sweetest and smartest dogs we have ever owned.  He learns so fast and enjoys being with the entire family.  The transition to our home was almost accident free.  Laura and her family work on litter box training and crate training once they are weaned.  He quickly learned to go out to potty and slept through the night within the first 2 weeks.  Laura was so easy to work with and is upfront about all of her hereditary tests that her dogs pass before breeding.  I will definitely be a repeat customer if I decide to add a new family member."


"We couldn't have wished for a better puppy.  Starla, from the Firecracker Litter, is a perfect match for our family.  Starla is cautious but so outgoing!  She seriously has the best personality.  She's SO incredibly smart.  It blows our minds.  She loves kids, adults, and all other animals.  She's always curious and interested in new things.  I LOVE witnessing her seeing new things for the first time.  Like squirrels and birds.  She just wants to play!  We picked Starla up when she was 9 weeks old.  She was already used to a crate and off to a great start with potty training.  I've kept her on the same diet but added in fresh fruits and veggies from time to time.  She tolerates food without any digestive issues.  Starla is definitely attached to me, mom. But she loves everyone in our family.  We love our Starla girl so much!  Laura and family did such a fantastic job preparing these babies for their forever homes.  Thank you Cumberland Cavapoos!" 

Tracey & Starla, F1b Firecracker Litter


Ashli & Cakes, F1b Firecracker Litter

"I was so nervous when I was looking to get a puppy!  I was checking all these websites and trying to do my best to find an amazing breeder that I could trust.  When I came across Cumberland Cavapoos, I found exactly what I was looking for!  Laura and her family are not only professional, they are kind and easy to communicate with.  I really think of it as more of a family that I'm a part of where I can always check in and ask any question big or small.  My baby Cakes is a year and half now, she's so gorgeous and as healthy as can be.  I've recommended Cumberland Cavapoos to friends and family and I know exactly where I'll be going when I'm ready to expand my family with another pup :) "

Madison & Koopa, F1 World Ocean Day Litter

"I had a good experience with Cumberland Cavapoos.  It is clear they care about their puppies.  Koopa was already well socialized when I got him and he has a wonderful temperament.  They kept me updated with pictures of Koopa before he was ready to be picked up.  If I were to get another pet, I would definitely consider coming back to Cumberland Cavapoos."


Kathy & Maggie, F1 Shower with a Friend Day Litter

"We had a wonderful experience with Cumberland Cavapoos.  Our Maggie came to us well trained, adjusted, and well socialized.  She has been a delightful addition to our family.  Laura was readily available for any questions if we had them.  I would highly recommend Cumberland Cavapoos!"

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